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Crescent Dental Health is a patient centred practice committed to the highest standards of dental treatment. Our ethos is “Prevention through Patient Education”. All treatments are minimally invasive as “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!” How can we help?

Jim Hurson Dentist

Meet Dr. James Hurson

Mr Jim Hurson has a special interest in Endodontics, completing a year long Diploma in Endodontics at the Eastman Hospital in London. He has continued this with further courses as well as the use of lasers to enhance his endodontic treatments.

Mr Hurson hasn’t used amalgam as a material in over 25 years, his restorative work is Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Adhesive Dentistry. All treatment is carried out using our operating microscope and he has been using his hard/soft tissue laser for 6 years to improve his
restorative, periodontal and endodontic treatments.

He also has an interest in TMJ dysfunction. The practice recently invested in a digital occlusal analysis system. This allows us to chart the precise pressure exerted on each tooth as the jaw slides through various motions. This information can be used to balance the bite and treat various jaw disorders. Mr Hurson is currently taking a year long course on this new technology and is excited by the opportunities it offers.

Meet Dr. Ernest Lucas Taulé

Dr Ernest Lucas Taulé recently joined the practice as our implant specialist. He recently completed his PhD with a Cum Laude distinction, has too many letters after his name to mention and presents at prestigious scientific meetings around the world. Ernest is responsible for the placement and restoration of all implants at the practice.

He is a highly skilled in all aspects of implantology and thanks to his research and extensive lecturing is at the forefront of all current implant techniques.

Ernest is responsible for all aspects of implant treatment from the surgical placement of the implants to the final restoration placement.

We are lucky to have such a skilled surgeon at the practice and Mr Hurson enjoys working closely with Ernest in complex cases. 

Meet Dr. Paul Burgess

Dr Paul Burgess is a specialist periodontist and runs his referral periodontal clinic from the practice.

Apart from very simple orthodontic cases, all other orthodontic work is referred out to specialist clinics. In N.Ireland we are lucky to have a large number of orthodontic specialists and feel our patients needs are best served in the hand of these specialist clinics who have greater
knowledge, experience and the availability of multiple different systems at their disposal.

We have successfully worked closely with orthodontists in restorative cases that have benefited from an orthodontic component.

Paul has worked many years in periodontics in Ireland and Europe.  He provides all aspects of periodontics, including tissue grafting and other s to augment restorative and implant treatments.

Paul has run a referral practice at Crescent Dental Health for over 10, again we are lucky to benefit from his expertise. Paul and Ernest have worked together before and continue to support each other in all aspects of treatment.

Meet Dr. Siobhan McEntee

Similarly we refer all patients wanting facial aesthetics to Dr Siobhan McEntee who works close to the practice at the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, 51 Botanic Ave.

Siobhan trained in Dermatology Post Graduate in the hospital setting before moving into practice.

She has extensive experience, expertise and knowledge allowing her to provide the best treatment options for our patients.