In the 90’s the government invested heavily to increase the number of specialist orthodontists. We have numerous orthodontic clinics close by,  and can facilitate an orthodontic assessment quickly.  We refer all orthodontics cases, as an orthodontic specialist will offer the best range of treatment options and achieve a far superior result.

At the practice we carry out some very minor orthodontics.

In N.Ireland we a lucky to have many specialist orthodontic clinics and it is easy to have our patients treated by a fully qualified orthodontist. This provides the best treatment for our patients.

We are able to work closely with specialist orthodontists as part of a treatment case to help align teeth and improve end result of a restorative case.

All younger patients are referred to a specialist orthodontist for any treatment and assessment.

Many General Dental Practices offer clear aligner treatments, but they usually limited to one or two systems. Specialist orthodontic clinics have access to all systems and are fully qualified to
offer fixed arch work as well.

I have always felt their dedicated 4 year specialist orthodontic training allows them to offer better treatment and end result than I ever could. And often their costs or comparable or less than prices
quoted by general practitioners