All treatments are costed, the prices are a guide all new patients and longer treatments will be given a written report with full costings.  These prices allow us to use the best materials and labs available to provide the best possible treatment.

New Patent Exam (INC small xrays, models, photos and report) £95.00
Hygienist Appointment (from) £45.00
Crowns/Inlays.  £650.00
Endodontic Treatment. Incisor £300.00
Endodontic Treatment. Premolar 


Endodontic Treatment. Molar £650.00
Composite Veneers £250.00-£400.00
Posterior Composite Fillings £80.00-£350.00
Anterior Composite Fillings £60.00-£140.00
Single Implant and Crown. £2500.00


At the practice we provide all implant solutions. Multiple implants, Bridges and Full Arch Restoration are fully coasted and included in the written report with the long term maintenance plan

Bleaching (full mouth) £200.00
Snore Guards/Night-Time Bite Guards (from) £150.00