Tooth Whitening

This is a good cosmetic option as it has great effects without weakening the tooth or requiring any tooth preparation.

We use Home Bleaching with Peroxide Gels. 

Initially we carry out an assessment of your teeth and smile line, bleaching will not alter the colour of fillings or crowns and so it is important to know what improvement can be expected.


Impressions are taken to make very fine, close fitting custom trays that are used to hold the bleaching gel around the teeth, 1 hour daily for 10-14 days.

Once the bleaching is completed we ask patient to hold onto the trays as they can be re-used yearly to keep the teeth as white as possible.

There are many advertised speed/laser type.  These consist of a high powered light, sometimes incorrectly called a laser. This type of whitening works by drying teeth out making them look very white and it does provide a great initial result. However as the  teeth rehydrate over a period of about a week and so the initial gains are lost and as this is an expensive ineffective option we do not offer it.