Commonly known as root fillings, Mr Hurson has a special interest in endodontics, having completed a two-year training program at the Eastman Hospital in London. The operating microscope and laser are both used in this field of dentistry. Mr Hurson continues to train in the use of laser endodontics with some of the world leaders in this new form of treatment.

Mr Hurson has a special interest in Endodontics and has extensive post graduate training. This is
an area were we use the laser for improved outcomes.

A root filled tooth can provide a great long lasting restoration, but it is not as viable as a vital tooth (the nerve of a vital tooth protects it from excess forces)

Part of the assessment of a tooth for endodontic treatment (root filling) is it’s long term viability.

Depending on the tooth and amount of healthy tooth tissue remaining, after it is root filled it may also require a cast restoration (crown or inlay)
If it is a molar tooth, then the total cost of a root filling, core and cast restoration is approaching the cost of an implant and so this should be considered as a possible alternative.

As ever, the person best placed to make this decision is the patient themselves. And so all the options, costs, pros & cons are presented to the patient allow them make the best decision for their