Hygienist Services

Stephanie Conway, our therapist, offers a full range of hygiene services.


Hygiene Instruction

Good home care is the basis of successful dental treatment. No crown or filling is as good as a natural tooth. If conditions in your mouth are such that decay has occurred, unless change occurs any filling or crown will decay and fail faster than the natural tooth.

We want to ensure you are keeping your mouth healthy with effective home care. Stephanie will instruct you, and advise on a range of brushes and toothpastes that work best for you and your mouth.

Routine Scaling

this is carried out by Stephanie on a regular basis. Depending on your risk factors and dental history, we will decide with you the best interval for scaling and polish sessions.

During these sessions Stephanie will clean all calculus from your teeth apply fluoride as necessary and help improve your home care to decrease the calculus build up. For patients with sensitive teeth this can be carried out
under local anaesthesia to ensure a pleasant experience and thorough cleaning. 


We will provide and fit custom fitted trays to allow you to bleach your teeth for a whiter smile in the comfort of your own home. Generally, this will take 10-14 hour long sessions. This type of bleaching is the most cost-effective and reliable way to lighten your teeth. Power bleaching systems produce a rapid initial change that will rapidly fade. Home bleaching produces the best and longest lasting result.


Airflow Polishing

For those special occasions, patients can book an airflow session stain. A gentle powder is used to remove and stain and polish the teeth. The powder is produced under pressure and delivered to the tooth, painlessly removing any stubborn stains and producing a high gloss finish for a dazzling smile.