As a small independent clinic, we do not receive any governmental support, all investment in equipment and education come from our fees. We invest heavily in both equipment and education.

Statutory Requirement

All dentists have a statutory requirement of Continuing Professional Development to complete it in five year cycles.  Mr Hurson regularly records more than double the number of required hours on courses, not including online webinars or reading. This investment in continuing education has kept the practice at the forefront of treatment. Attendance at international as well as national courses allows the practice to develop and continue to innovate the treatment offered to our patients.


Dr Ernest Lucas-Taulé

Dr Ernest Lucas-Taulé has completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research and a three-year full-time programme in Dental Implantology.   Ernest lectures internationally, has published and is considered a world class leader in guided surgery and autotransplantation.

In 2017/18, both surgeries were refurbished with new treatment centres; these dental chairs contain the latest in infection control technology to provide a safer treatment environment.

Digital Radiography

We have used digital radiography for over 20 years to improve patient safety when taking x-rays. The system was replaced in 2018,  including a CBCT unit which allows us to take 3D images of the jaws. These are invaluable in planning our implant cases and endodontic treatment (root fillings).

The practice was the first in Northern Ireland to invest in an operating microscope 15 years ago. This has also been replaced; in dentistry, vision is everything, the operating microscope gives unparalleled. The view improving all treatments.

Laser Treatments

We are the only practice in Northern Ireland to offer laser treatments


Gum Disease




Minor Surgery

At this time, we also updated and replaced all our sterilization equipment as patient safety is almost at the practice.

Laser Technology

We are the only practice in Northern Ireland to offer laser treatments. The Waterless laser is used for restorative dentistry, treatment of gum disease, endodontics and minor surgery.  Our second laser is a Diode laser, which we use for photo-bio modulation.  This provides very effective treatment of neuralgia, provides pain relief and a reduction of inflammatory conditions in the mouth including microsites and erosive lichenoid conditions.

In response to the COVID pandemic, UVC lighting was placed in both surgeries and the sterilisation rooms.  UVC light is widely used in hospital operating surgery as a deep-clean method which destroys all bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.  Both surgeries have also been fitted with UVC based air purification systems that filter all the air every 6 mins with a 99.7% first pass kill rate for all contaminants.