New Patient Consultation & Dental Report

How it Works

This is very much a process that takes place over several meetings, at the end of which, we want the patient to be fully aware of any problems in the mouth, how they arose, all the options to carry out the treatment and how to prevent any disease in the future and keep the mouth healthy 


Before the initial appointment we will ask you to complete some forms, and outline if you have any concerns, if there are any specific problems you would like us to address. 


It is important for us to know if you have had any significant previous dental problems or treatment, as well as your current home care regime. 


All this information is important to us in building up a complete picture of your dental needs.


At the time of the appointment we will get a chance to chat to you and help identify your dental goals.


We then carry out the examination to chart and assess all your teeth, record readings of the health of your gums and soft tissues. As part of this exam we will take any necessary  radiographs and a 3D scan of your teeth along with a set of photos.


This creates a baseline of your oral health, so that we can measure how things improve over time.  If we are to carry out a complex course of treatment we need to have a very clearly identified end result and work out how to get there from this baseline starting position.


From this initial examination we will produce a detailed result that will:


             Identify any active disease in the mouth, say decay or areas of gum disease.


             Identify the cause of the disease so that we can undertake preventative measures


             Report the treatments and costs needed to resolve the active disease and repair any

             damage, returning the mouth to a state of health


             And finally, if complex work is to be undertaken a treatment plan to achieve the desired

             final result, with an estimated timeline and costs.


As a patient centred practise we believe that the patient is the only person to decide on the best course of treatment for themselves.


To make that decision it is essential they fully understand any disease process that has occurred in the mouth, the factors that has lead to the development of the condition and how to prevent it in the future.


The first phase of any treatment is to get the mouth free from all active disease, and establishing an effective preventative home care to prevent any future problems and create a stable healthy mouth.


From this stable base we can then plan and successfully complete more complex treatments and achieve the patients desired end result.